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State of Georgia v. A.S.

January 29, 2020

At 17 years of age, A.S. was charged with Aggravated Assault as an adult and was facing 20 years in prison.  LeAnne Chancey Hicks zealously advocated for a pre-trial plea offer to a misdemeanor sentence, but the District Attorney would not budge.  On the third day of trial, after LeAnne Chancey Hicks had impeached every witness the State brought before the jury, including the police officers, and resulting in one of the State's key witnesses being arrested, the District Attorney offered to let A.S. enter a misdemeanor plea, with probation only, first offender treatment, and with immediate sealing of A.S.'s criminal history record.  LeAnne Chancey Hicks wanted to take the trial to a verdict, but A.S. chose to accept the plea offer.  In speaking with the jury after the trial, the eight (8) jurors that agreed to speak with Ms. Hicks indicated that they each would have voted not guilty; and they had only heard one (1) of the defense's seven (7) witnesses at that point.

State of Georgia v. C.B.

May 17, 2019

C.B. was 17 years old when he was charged with Hijacking a Motor Vehicle, Aggravated Assault, and Possession of a Firearm during commission of a felony.  He was represented in this matter by attorney LeAnne Chancey Hicks.  The charges related to a taxi driver in Gwinnett County being held at gunpoint and the taxi vehicle being stolen.  The case got a lot of news media coverage.  C.B. was captured on surveillance video getting into the taxi just prior to the incident.  However, when the trial was held, Ms. Hicks demonstrated to the jury that the taxi driver could not identify C.B. as the perpetrator of these offenses.  Ms. Hicks also demonstrated that the Gwinnett County Police destroyed certain other surveillance video in the case that could have been exculpatory for C.B.. Finally, as a last ditch attempt to convict C.B., the State (over Ms. Hicks' objection) brought in evidence of similar transactions related to C.B. stealing other vehicles.  The jury was not swayed and quickly found C.B. not guilty of all charges.  Since the trial, C.B. has gotten his GED and gotten a job for the first time and has cut ties with a local gang that he was thought to be associated with.

State of Georgia v. M.G.

February 01, 2019

M.G. was charged with Aggravated Assault and Armed Robbery relating to a shooting incident in Norcross, Georgia.  M.G. was defended by Attorney LeAnne Chancey Hicks.  If convicted of the charges, M.G. was facing a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole due to his criminal history.  The incident was captured on video by a series of surveillance cameras and three witnesses including the alleged victim identified Mr. Graves as the shooter.  The Norcross Police Department admitted at trial to destroying video from any camera angle that did not support their belief that M.G. committed these offenses.  During the trial, the lead detective also lied about the availability of certain other video footage.  LeAnne Chancey Hicks was able to prove that this officer lied from the witness stand by working with her private investigator in the middle of the trial to obtain evidence proving that this officer's testimony was false.  LeAnne Chancey Hicks also impeached all three eye-witnesses of this offense.  Even with the improprieties committed by the police department, there appeared to be overwhelming evidence of M.G.'s guilt.  However, after deliberating for several hours, the jury came back with a verdict of not guilty to all charges and M.G. was released that night and returned to his family.

Not Guilty to All County in 36 Minutes

May 10, 2018

State of Georgia v. J.M. - J.M. was charged in a 10 Count Indictment with Multiple Armed Robbery and other Offenses.  He was facing multiple life sentences after being arrested at only 17 years old.  LeAnne Chancey Hicks offered an alibi witness that went ignored by the State for over three years.  LeAnne Chancey Hicks located the individual that she believed actually committed the offenses, and who looked like he could have been J.M.'s little brother.  The District Attorney's Office ignored all of this and delayed the case at every possible point and LeAnne Chancey Hicks argued multiple motions to dismiss for violations of J.M.'s Constitutional right to a speedy trial.  Those motions were denied, but J.M. was vindicated when the Jury deliberated for only 36 minutes after a four day trial and found J.M. not guilty of all charges. When the lead detective testified that he didn't think J.M. looked anything like the person that Ms. Hicks produced as the perpetrator, one of the jurors actually snorted and laughed out loud during the trial.  

Attorney E. LeAnne Chancey To Represent 14-year-old Charged in Papa John's Delivery Driver Death

March 03, 2016

Stay Tuned for More News on this Case.

State of Georgia v. A.W.

September 27, 2016

An inmate at Phillips State Prison was brutally murdered.  A.W. confessed to the killing.  On the eve of trial, LeAnne Chancey reached an agreement for A.W. to plea to voluntary manslaughter with 10 years to serve concurrent to the 10 years he was already serving on an armed robbery case.  A.W. may parole on the manslaughter case before he does on the sentence that put him into Phillips State Prison in the first place.

State of Georgia v. J.R.

May 04, 2016

J.R. was charged with murder, felony murder, aggravated assault (4 counts), and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony (2 counts).  LeAnne Chancey was successfull in having three of the aggravated assault charges dismissed prior to trial through the filing and arguing of various motions.  She and her client then proceeded to a jury trial on the remaining five charges.  

J.R. was alleged to have killed an 18 year old man during a gang shootout between two vehicles on Interstate 85 Northbound.  One of the individuals that was allegedly in the vehicle with J.R. during the shooting came to court and testified regarding J.R.'s involvement and identified J.R. as one of the perpetrators of the crime.  However, the police never had any witnesses identify a photo of J.R. at the time of the investigation.  J.R. was only identified by his name, which is very common and LeAnne Chancey tirelessly tracked down four other individuals by the same name living in the Gwinnett County area at the time of the homocide.

The Jury found J.R. not guilty of all charges after deliberating for only an hour and a half.

State of Georgia v. P.S.

February 16, 2016

P.S. and two co-defendants were charged with committing a home invasion to retrieve drugs that had been stolen from a cartel.  During the course of the home invasion a man was killed, his girlfriend was shot twice and her eight year old daughter was shot once.  P.S. confessed on video to being one of the two individuals that went into the home for the robbery and admitted to other acts in the home.

LeAnne Chancey successfully argued motions to keep some of the State's key evidence out of the trial of the case, including some information that was provided by a jail house snitch.

After a three week long jury trial, P.S. was found not guilty of all murder charges.

In re: R.W. and Siblings

June 19, 2014

LeAnne Chancey is appointed as the Guardian ad Litem of 10 children. She continues in this role today, looking out for the children's best interests after the oldest child was locked in the family's basement for months on end.

In re: I.S.

January 26, 2016

LeAnne Chancey was appointed as the guardian ad litem for a kidnapping and starvation victim who's infant child had been murdered when her client was unable to make decisions for herself.  Ms. Chancey protected this young lady's rights until her client was in the position to stand up for herself and seek the return of her living child.

State of Georgia v. D.W.

April 26, 2016

D.W. was charged with raping a friend of his.  LeAnne Chancey successfully argued that the two had consensual sex and convinced the District Attorney to abandon the prosecution of this case.  All charges were dismissed prior to being presented to the Grand Jury.  As a result, D.W.'s criminal history has been restricted so that future employers will not be permitted to know that he was ever even arrested on these charges. 

State of Georgia v. J.B.

December 18, 2015

J.B. was accused of brutally beating her young grandson with a garden hose, causing substantial visible injuries.  LeAnne Chancey conducted a bench trial of this case and upon being questioned, the alleged victim he admitted that J.B. had not caused his injuries and he fabricated a story to get revenge on J.B..

All charges were dismissed

State of Georgia v. D.R.

October 21, 2015

D.R. was charged with several co-defendants with participating in Criminal Gang Activity as the result of an alleged burglary associated with the Bruise Brothers Motorcycle Gang.

LeAnne Chancey filed and argued several pretrial motions in the case due to the United States Government withholding key exculpatory evidence and refusing to make certain ATF Agents available to the defense for trial testimony.  The United States Attorney sent three U.S. Attorneys to argue against Ms. Chancey's motions.  The Court granted Ms. Chancey's motions and the charges against D.R. and all of his co-defendants were dismissed entirely.  The motorcycle gang even got to keep their club house.

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