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The Chancey Law Firm, P.C., specializes in litigation matters, focusing on the areas of criminal defense, personal injury/insurance law and divorce, child custody and family law. LeAnne Chancey Hicks graduated from the University of Tennessee School of Law in 2008 and since that time she has aggressively represented both the State of Georgia, as well as many individual clients, some in very high profile cases in the Gwinnett County and Metro Atlanta areas.

We provide quality representation and individual attention to achieving each client's goals.  And you can trust us to be dedicated to protecting you and your interests.

LeAnne Chancey Hicks is a skilled trial attorney as well as transactional attorney with years of experience to put to work on your behalf. 




At this firm, we understand that each client's situation and circumstances are different; and we develop an individualized strategy for each case.  We strive to obtain a positive outcome for each client, and make every effort to advise you of both the positive and negative outcomes and implications of each decision relating to your case. 

Attorney LeAnne Chancey Hicks advocates for each of her clients zealously and professionally.  Whether she is handling a traffic ticket, a murder charge or a complicated family law matter, she leaves no stone unturned.

She maintains a case load that allows her to give invididual and specialized attention to each detail, so she can reach the optimal outcome for each of her client's.  

News & Publications

August 31, 2021

State of Georgia v. J.B.:  J.B. was charged with 7 counts of child molestation and 2 counts of obscene internet contact with a child and had a conviction for a similar transaction that the jury was informed of during the trial.  During the trial, Attorney LeAnne Chancey Hicks discredited the child and her mother and the lead detective in the case.  Ms. Hicks won a directed verdict of acquittal from the Judge on 6 counts, and then the jury found J.B. not guilty of the remaining three counts.  The plea offer prior to trial was 20 to serve the first 10 in prison.  J.B. is home with his family today.

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Criminal Defense


DUI Defense

Juvenile Law

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January 29, 2020

State of Georgia v. A.S.:  A.S. was charged with aggravated assault, during the trial Attorney LeAnne Chancey Hicks' investigation led to one of the State's main witnesses being arrested, and after only calling one of her 7 defense witnesses, the District Attorney agreed to let A.S. plead guilty to a misdemeanor and probation.  The plea offer before trial was 10 years to serve 3 in prison.

Serving Clients all over the state of Georgia

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